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        We always choose the Bakway PC endurance board. The introduction of German UV co-extrusion equipment, in strict accordance with Taiwan production technology standards, strict quality control. With technical cooperation with Lintu Company, we can develop functional plates according to the needs of our customers, and provide further processing services. The surface has anti - ultraviolet UV co-extrusion layer, can effectively prevent the sheet yellow. Greatly extend the service life of the plate in the outdoor. And light weight, good adaptability, easy to carry, drilling, truncation installation, not easy to break, construction simple processing. So choose BTG we are very assured!


        Suzhou Bateway New Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, production, processing and sales of polymer engineering plastic polycarbonate (PC) sheet. The company's product system is rich, the main products are PC endurance board, PC industrial board, PC light box advertising board, PC wave tile, PC car canopy special board, PC sunshine board, etc. At the same time, through the unremitting efforts of the company's technical personnel, the company again launched the PC acid and alkali resistant board, PC heat insulation board, PC anti-static board, PC hardening board, V0 level flame retardant board and other polycarbonate PC series of new products.


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We are a factory specialized in producing all kinds of polycarbnate sheets, such as hollow polycarbnate sheet,solid polycarbnate sheet,corrugate polycarbnate sheet and so on. 

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