PC board case for Industrial Machinery Equipment

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We are in the industrial machinery and equipment industry, our workshop always use PC endurance boards in any time. Therefore, we have been cooperating with BAKWAY PC Polycarbonate sheet. 

BAKWAY new material focuses on PC sheet processing and customized services. Cooperating with imported brand raw material manufacturers such as Bayer, SABIC, Mitsubishi, etc., to guarantee first-hand raw materials. 

6 production lines of PC Polycarbonate sheet with an annual production capacity of up to 15,000 tons. We are quite satisfied in terms of delivery and service. Hundreds of tons of inventary products are available, with a complete range of conventional products. The inventary goods will be shipped within the same day, and customized products will be generally shipped within 7 days. It not only has its own forwarders for door-to-door delivery, but also cooperates with brand logistics to provide door-to-door service. 

During the period we encounter any problems, their customer service will respond promptly and give a solution within 1 hour.

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Suzhou Bakway New Material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which engaged in the research and development, production, processing and sales of polymer engineering plastic polycarbonate (PC) sheets. 

The company has a rich product system. The main products include PC endurance boards, PC industrial boards, PC light box advertising boards, PC wave tiles, PC car canopy boards, PC sun boards, etc. 

At the same time, through the unremitting efforts of Bakway's technical personnel, the company has launched the PC acid and alkali resistant board, PC heat insulation board, PC anti-static board, PC hardening board, VO level flame retardant board and other polycarbonate PC series of new products.


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We are a factory specialized in producing all kinds of polycarbnate sheets, such as hollow polycarbnate sheet,solid polycarbnate sheet,corrugate polycarbnate sheet and so on. 

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