The sound barrier uses the advantage of PC board

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        On the highway can always see a strong standing noise reduction equipment, that is the sound barrier, sound barrier can be made of a lot of materials, today BTG recommended to you a kind of environmental protection PC endurance plate. What are the advantages of using a PC endurance board to make a sound barrier? Now follow BTG Xiaobian to know about it!

        The sound insulation effect of PC endurance plate is 3-4dB higher than glass. It is a popular material in the transparent material of sound insulation barrier. PC endurance plate has been widely used in sound barrier engineering such as highway sound barrier, viaduct sound barrier, expressway sound barrier, railway sound barrier, rail transit sound barrier, high-speed rail sound barrier, residential sound barrier and so on.

Now let me introduce to you, PC endurance plate to make the advantages of sound barrier.


1, sound insulation: PC board sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness of glass and acrylic board has better sound insulation, in the same thickness of the condition, PC board sound insulation than glass to improve 3-4dB. It is a popular material for sound barrier of global expressway.

2, impact resistance: soft, natural texture, high elastic, in the huge impact of external force does not break, can withstand the stadium and a variety of sports venues in any impact.

3, physical: good physical stability, not due to temperature and temperature changes and expansion and contraction.

4, easy to process: cut at will, a variety of color collocation, simple stitching, simple processing of edges and corners, fine art pictures and different styles of modeling can be easily reflected.

5, maintenance is simple: dust removal is easy, maintenance is simple, dust and impurities, with a vacuum cleaner and duster can flick, the dirty place can also be wiped with a towel with water and detergent.


        Actually PC endurance plate more than the advantages of these, it has high pervious to light, flame retardant, uv protection, anti-aging, long life and other characteristics, so use PC endurance plate is a good choice to make the sound barrier, Baxter suzhou new material co., LTD is engaged in polymer engineering plastics polycarbonate (PC) plate research, development, production, processing, marketing as one of the enterprises. The company's product system is rich, the main products are PC endurance board, PC industrial board, PC light box advertising board, PC wave tile, PC car canopy special board, PC sunshine board, etc. At the same time, through the unremitting efforts of the company's technical personnel, the company again launched the PC acid and alkali resistant board, PC heat insulation board, PC anti-static board, PC hardening board, VO level flame retardant board and other polycarbonate PC series of new products.


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