Advantages and characteristics of PC board sun room

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Advantages and characteristics of PC board sun room

The advantages and characteristics of the PC board sun room, the sun room is composed of PC sun board and aluminum alloy bracket, which is favored by the market for its high light transmittance, excellent heat insulation, energy saving, high strength, simple structure and easy installation.

Advantages and characteristics of the sun room:

*The use of aluminum alloy frame and powder-coated surface makes maintenance easier.

*Using UV-PC hollow board covering material, which has good mechanical and physical properties, and maintains heat to ensure the durability of the greenhouse.

* PC's good insulation performance and safety performance make the operation without danger. And can diffuse the light source to reduce direct sunlight to plants. * Sliding doors and roof windows facilitate good ventilation.

*Unique design ensures that it is easier to install by yourself and attach detailed installation instructions.

*The lower ground contact adopts galvanized iron parts to ensure the maximum stability of the greenhouse, and can resist hail and storms.

The structure of the ordinary sunshine board room is easier. There are many transparent materials in the sunshine board room, which are also necessary ingredients for the light transmission of the sunshine board room. Nowadays, there are tempered glass, laminated glass, endurance board, and sunshine board (hollow board) on the market. It can meet the requirements of daylighting, but a large part of the materials generally have shortcomings. Single vitrification, endurance board, laminated glass. All can be heated, bent and meet various shapes according to the shape of the sun room frame, but the heat insulation and sound insulation effect is poor. (Suitable for gymnasium, laundry room, winter leisure room.) Tempered hollow glass, sun panel heat insulation and sound insulation effect as indoors. However, hollow tempered glass is not very good at processing arc shapes. (The cost of machining arc is too high). However, the polycarbonate solar panel solves the above problems. It can not only heat insulation, but also can be made into various forms of sunlight rooms, and the service life can reach up to ten years!

The recreational sun room belongs to the mid-range sun board room. This type of sun room is larger than the ordinary type, and the structure is much better. It is very suitable for villas and private courtyards. Coupled with exquisite sunshade curtains, the open window can become a leisure house where entertainment and leisure products such as card tables and fitness equipment can be placed. On summer nights, you can also lie on a lounge chair and look up at the stars.


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