Advantages and uses of Bakway polycarbonate PC diffuser!

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Advantages and uses of Bakway polycarbonate PC diffuser!


1 product introduction

PC diffuser is a product processed by a special process on the basis of ordinary PC single-layer board. It is a new optical material that realizes uniform surface lighting. The effect of PC diffuser is closely related to the content and composition of the diffuser particles. The less the content of diffusing particles, the higher the light transmittance and the lower the haze. The diffuser is generally light white and translucent. The more the content of diffusing particles, the lower the light transmittance and the higher the haze. The diffuser plate is generally milky white and opaque. It can be seen that the light transmittance and haze of the diffuser plate are inversely proportional, that is, the two cannot be achieved at the same time. Through the continuous research and development and innovation of the diffusion masterbatch for 20 years, through Regarding the surface structure of the diffuser and the adjustment of the diffusion masterbatch, the PC diffuser achieves the balance of light transmittance and haze, so as to achieve the best effect of diffusion uniformity.

2 product characteristics

Appearance: The milky whiteboard is translucent, with few crystal points, high light transmission, high smoothness, and good flatness. Super impact resistance: 250 times the strength of general glass plates, 150 times more than tempered glass, and 30 times higher than that of tempered glass. Therefore, it will not break in the event of various accidents. Better protect your property and life safety. Construction performance: The density of PC is 1.2, and the weight is only 1/2 of that of glass, so the weight is lighter, which is convenient for construction and reduces costs. UV protection: This product is made of 100% imported UV-resistant new materials, which can not only prevent UV damage to indoor products, but also effectively extend the service life of PC panels. The flame retardant grade is UL-94: V-0~V-2, with excellent fire resistance, and no toxic gas will be produced during combustion. Weather resistance: This product can adapt to harsh weather conditions from -40°C to 120°C and still maintain its performance. And combustion will not occur.

3 scope of use

Uses: LED and fluorescent lamps, panel lights, advertising light boxes as light sources, billboards, outdoor billboards, stage special effects, LED electronic displays, natural daylight ceiling lights.

The light transmittance of the polycarbonate PC diffuser is more than 80%, and the ordinary PC milk white board is only 20%; through the diffusion of the diffuser, the entire surface of the board is formed into a uniform light-emitting surface without forming a dark area. No residual image will be formed on the screen, making the picture more realistic and achieving a crystal clear visual effect. Bakway New Material Co., Ltd. can customize any size of PC diffuser and engrave it.


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