Do you know how to distinguish between good and bad polycarbonate sheets?

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                                                                                                                                                                                            Do you know how to distinguish between good and bad polycarbonate sheets?

1. Looking at the transparency, the best PC board has a light transmittance of about 94%. The lower the transparency, the more the recovered material will increase, and the color of the residual sunlight board will be black.

2. Uncover the protective film and look at the board. The board with no impurities and no particles is a new material. On the contrary, if there are impurities and foreign substances, the reclaimed material is increased. The more the reclaimed material increases, the more the impurity is, the worse the quality of the board is.

3. Look at the wall thickness, the thicker the material, the higher the specific gravity, the higher the cost, and the better the quality of the board. This method is also the same as the method of weighing the weight of the PC board per unit area.

4. Bending the PC board sample, the more fragile the board quality is, the PC polycarbonate board has better resistance, if the board is very simple to crack, it means that it is not pure PC material, that is, the PC with the recycled material has been added. plate.

5. If the PE protective film on the surface of the PC board is well pasted and does not have the appearance of falling, it means that the equipment technology is not backward.

6. Look at the flatness of the board. On the one hand, a flat board means that the upper and lower walls are thicker, the material is sufficient, and it is not easy to deform; on the other hand, the equipment technology is also better. If the board has waves, it means that this PC board technology is not Sophisticated may be thinner than the upper and lower walls.

7. Price. The same kind of standard PC board, but the price of different brand Sunshine boards is too large, and the low-priced PC board must have problems. Therefore, when choosing and evaluating the price, customers should consider comprehensively, depending on their requirements for service life and usage, and choose the appropriate PC board according to their needs.

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