Which is better to make canopy pc hollow sheet and pc solid sheet

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Which is better to make canopy hollow pc sheet and  solid pc sheet


Both solid pc sheet and sun board can actually be used as canopies, because the raw materials of  solid pc sheet and sun board are all polycarbonate polymer materials. Whether the sun board is suitable or  solid pc sheet is the most suitable, we need to consider the actual demand.

First, what are the differences between the two?

 solid pc sheet rain awning: solid structure, good light transmission, relative bearing capacity and impact resistance of the board, and relatively more expensive.

hollow pc sheet canopy: hollow structure, relatively poor light transmission, lighter board quality, better sound insulation effect, better heat preservation, and relatively low price.

Secondly, we choose the right sheet according to specific needs

1. If you need a good light transmittance, you can choose a  solid pc sheet, which is relatively high in light transmittance and safety.

2. Choose hollow solar panels that require strong heat preservation, light transmission and sound insulation, which is more suitable than  solid pc sheet.

But if you really want to make a recommendation, I would even recommend choosing a  solid pc sheet.

First of all, we understand the next  solid pc sheet.

 solid pc sheet (also known as PC board, polycarbonate, solid board, bulletproof glass, cabron board, solid board, polycarbonate board, aviation perspective board) is a high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate or polycarbon-- ---Processed with acid fat, characteristics: impact resistance, unbreakable: strength hundreds of times higher than tempered glass and acrylic sheet, toughness, safety, anti-theft, and bulletproof effects are the best.

Secondly, it has better characteristics, such as round arch, bendable, good workability, strong plasticity, and can be bent into arches, semicircles, etc. according to the actual needs of the construction site.

In addition, the material is light and easy to handle: the weight is only half that of the glass, which saves time and effort in transportation and installation, and the construction management is convenient and easy.

Finally, weather resistance and excellent lighting: long-term anti-ultraviolet radiation, excellent lighting effect, can save a lot of energy saving expenses.

Although the price of the hollow pc sheet is more favorable than that of the  solid pc sheet, and the temperature preservation of the hollow pc sheet is better than that of the  solid pc sheet. But the light transmittance of the solar panel is relatively poor. Moreover, the sound insulation effect of the e solid pc sheet is better than that of the hollow pc sheet, and the most important thing is that the  solid pc sheet is more durable than the hollow pc sheet.


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