Why is polycarbonate the best material for greenhouses?

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微信图片_20210120101600 Why is polycarbonate the best material for greenhouses?

Polycarbonate sheets have become very popular due to their extremely high durability and resistance to harsh conditions, especially when compared to glass. Glass is easily broken and damaged, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Polycarbonate can save you time, money, efficiency, and significantly reduce the risk of injury when replacing glass in buildings and constructions.

Impact resistance

Polycarbonate is almost indestructible, giving it a clear advantage over glass in terms of safety. It can withstand great strength in bad weather, and can replace glass in schools, subways, bus shelters, greenhouses and hospitals.

For safety reasons, the polycarbonate sheet is indestructible, so it can better prevent theft and vandalism. Compared with safety glass, polycarbonate has 250 times higher impact resistance, which not only protects valuables inside, but also reduces the risk of injury caused by glass breakage.

Heat resistance

Unlike glass, polycarbonate can withstand extreme temperatures, making it safer to use in building structures and household items. Polycarbonate can be exposed to a temperature of about 270 degrees for several hours, or suddenly heated to 1166 degrees, without deforming, cracking or absorbing heat. Traditional glass cannot withstand high temperatures and can absorb heat, making it inaccessible and increasing the chance of glass cracking.

Longer life

Because the polycarbonate sheet is durable, impact-resistant and can withstand heat, it has a long service life, thereby reducing replacement costs. Glass is prone to breakage and damage, and needs to be replaced more frequently, especially when using thin panels. In the building structure of schools, greenhouses and hospitals, this can become very expensive because there are hundreds or even thousands of windows that need constant maintenance in schools, greenhouses and hospitals.

Greenhouse made of polycarbonate panels for better insulation

Compared with polycarbonate, the insulation quality of traditional glass is very poor. Polycarbonate is essential to building structures because its thermal efficiency stabilizes and balances the temperature of the space, thereby reducing utility costs and reducing carbon footprint.

In terms of greenhouse construction, polycarbonate panels have obvious advantages over glass panels. Because polycarbonate has better thermal efficiency, it can extend the growing season. Since glass is not a heat-insulating material, it will cause low temperature to seriously affect the life of plants, thereby greatly shortening the growth period and increasing the cost of keeping hot stars running.

Greenhouse construction

Whether you want to replace the panels on the greenhouse or start from scratch, multi-layer walls are the best material. It is important to have materials that maximize light while reducing the amount of heat emitted. Glass is a poor insulator, and in the long run, it may cost more money to keep the greenhouse running at the proper temperature. Multi-layer polycarbonate film has a high heating value, which can reduce heating costs by up to 30%, saving companies and individuals money for the entire greenhouse life. It is also one of the best plastics for roofs because of its durability against impacts such as heavy snow, strong wind and broken ice. Due to its extremely high durability and rigidity, multi-layer polycarbonate has a longer service life than a greenhouse constructed with glass panels.

Light diffusion and UV protection

Polycarbonate can usually provide soft light, while traditional glass cannot provide light and can allow harsh lighting. This is especially important in greenhouses and other buildings that may be exposed to direct sunlight. Polycarbonate can help prevent plants from burning or scorching, extend the life of plants, and grow more efficiently than when grown on glass plates.

Easy installation

Polycarbonate sheets are six times lighter than standard glass sheets, making installation faster and easier than glass installation. This is a big advantage compared to glass, because less material is required to support polycarbonate compared to standard glass.

Polycarbonate can also be easily cut with a standard circular saw, while glass usually requires a special saw, especially on thicker glass. Because it is easy to cut and shape, polycarbonate can be cut on site, which is different from glass that is usually cut and shaped before installation. This leaves room for potential sizing errors, leading to high replacement costs.



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