what is clean light sheet?

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                                                                                                                                                                                    what is  clean light sheet?

The clean light board, like the sun board and the endurance board, are produced and processed from PC raw materials. The PC clean light board is a combination of the sun board and the endurance board, and its impact resistance is 2.5 times that of the endurance board. It is the sun board. 10 times. So the 1mm clean light board can be compared to the 2.5 thick endurance board. The lighting is the most scientific design. It can achieve the best clean light effect, all the light energy can be brought together in the morning, and it can be blocked at noon Half of the light, so as to achieve the effect of light balance.

1. The scope of application of clean light board:

Lighting corridors, atrium patios, carports, flower houses, rain sheds, curved enclosures, interior and exterior decoration of waiting cars, sun-shading advertising light boxes, highway sound insulation, etc. are widely used.

Specifications of clean light board:

Width: 1.22mm, 1.56mm, 1.82mm, 2.1mm

Length: 50 meters

Color: transparent, blue, brown, green

2. Features of clean light board:

1. Constant temperature daylighting: With its unique appearance and structure, the sunlight in the morning and evening can directly enter the room (inclined light transmittance ≥80%);

2. Heat insulation: use its surface matte effect to cause the light transmittance of the material at noon to be less than 50%, which can prevent the indoor temperature rise and achieve the heat insulation effect (physically speaking, there are 3 phenomena in the heat insulation function, one is Prevent indoor and outdoor air contact to form convection, one is to reduce the speed of indoor and outdoor heat transfer, and the other is to curb the rise of indoor temperature, that is, to reduce the material's penetration rate of light, that is, the light barrier effect);

3. Heat preservation: Combining point 1 and point 2 can achieve heat preservation (enhance the light in the morning and evening to increase the indoor temperature, and reduce the indoor light at noon to lower the indoor temperature);

4. High strength: its corrugated structure strengthens the impact strength of the board itself (1.5mm can reach the strength of 4.5mm endurance board, and the comprehensive strength is far from being achieved by hollow boards);

5. Aging resistance: As it is 5 times the thickness of the upper and lower walls (0.3mm) of the hollow board, its anti-aging (anti-differentiation) life is unmatched by the hollow board;

6. Molecular structure: The chemical name of the PC board is polycarbonate, and the molecular structure (hexagonal structure) is relatively stable. The outer HCO3 structure has the effect of absorbing water, so it has a part of the effect of heat insulation;

7. Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of PC board is not much different from that of general plastics. It is 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/1000 of aluminum, and 1/2000 of copper. It is one of the materials with excellent thermal insulation properties. one.

Three, the three characteristics of clean light board:

1. The flame retardancy of the clean light board: According to the national GB8624-97 test, it belongs to the flame retardant B1 level, no fire drops, and no poisonous gas.

2. The temperature resistance of the clean light board: the low temperature embrittlement temperature is -100℃, the high temperature softening temperature is 146℃, the allowable temperature under the long-term load condition is -40℃~+120℃, and the short-term load temperature is -100℃~+135℃ .

3. Sound insulation of clean light board: good sound insulation effect, it is the first choice for highway noise barriers in the world.

Fourth, the advantages of clean light board:

(1) Double-ditch overlapping construction is adopted, and the joints are free of silicone and water-proof.

(2) Compared with other materials, the bracket can be reduced during construction and the cost can be reduced.

(3) Good stiffness, 1.2mm clean light board is equivalent to 3mm flat board stiffness.

(4) Double-line daylighting, the sun is not direct at noon, and the setting sun can be direct.

(5) It has a unique antistatic treatment function.

Five, matters needing attention:

It is forbidden to come into contact with the cement surface and the surface of acid and alkaline substances.

The iron frame paint shall not be laid before it is dry.

The frame should be clean and the surface of the embedding groove should be flat.

Choose the correct sheet thickness and allowable radius of curvature.

Reserve space and pay attention to embedding depth.

Use neutral glass glue and suitable backing materials, and do not use PVC materials.

Power tools (tungsten carbide saw blades) are required for cutting; the plate must be fixed to avoid vibration when cutting;

Do not tear off the protective film when cutting.

If you need to mark the line mark before cutting, mark it on the protective film as much as possible, if you must mark it directly on the board,

Please use whiteboard markers and avoid using sharp tools to mark.

The protective film can only be removed after installation.


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