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Anti-glare PC Sheet / Board

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  • BTW-1


  • BTW-Anti-glare PC sheet

Customize anti glare polycarbonate PC/PMMA sheets in various thick

"Glare" is a poorly light phenomenon, when a high-intensity light source or brightness difference between the background and the center of the field is large, it will have a "glare." "Glare" phenomenon affects not only viewing feeling, but also has an impact on eyes health

Bakway anti-glare coating is a technique used on polycarbonate sheet or Acrylic sheet, designed to cut down on the amount of light that reflects off the display, also be called Anti-reflective coating. The main application is LCD screen or monitor screen or display. Reflected light or glare can be very fatiguing to the eyes and reduces the contrast, colors and sharpness of the display. An anti-glare LCD screen makes viewing a screen more comfortable for most people, and reduces eyestrain.

Product name:                                      
Anti-Glare polycarbonate sheet
Standard size: 1200㎜×2400㎜  (it could be cut according to request)
Thickness: 0.125mm-12mm 
Coating Specification
One side Anti-glare coating
Abrasion Resistance Hard Coating
Coating Thickness
3.0-8.0 Microns

Feature &Application

Features (Anti-Glare coating):

● Matte or frosted looking
● Protection against scratching and abrasion
● Chemical, graffiti resistance & Impact Resistance
● Weather resistance
● Easily maintenance

Applications (Anti-Glare coating):

● Anti-glare LED backlit display

● Anti-glare screen protector
● Retail displays/Signage/POP displays
● Metro display panel



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We are a factory specialized in producing all kinds of polycarbnate sheets, such as hollow polycarbnate sheet,solid polycarbnate sheet,corrugate polycarbnate sheet and so on. 

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